5 Oct

Live from the Belly of the Beast.

The Dead Wax Episode.

We go to Dead Wax Records in Lenoir North Carolina.

Chris Crookston talks about vinyl, live shows, and recommends a couple of new releases.

Then Thing Sloth discusses their new release, Lenoirmous!.

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28 Sep

Truck Nuts

Al and Todd show more love to Dead Wax Records and play Thing Sloth’s Big Boss Cop from their newest release, Lenoirmous.

Mateo has an amazing first concert experience and the guys debate whether to Truck Nut or Not To Truck Nut, that is the question.

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21 Sep

The Return of Al’s Toddcast.

OFTU Network 3

Last February we bid a sad farewell to Al’s Toddcast.  There were artistic and monetary differences between the cast and management. There was also some small matters having to do with a few trashed hotel rooms,  a nasty cease and desist letter from Celine Dion’s people, and a pygmy goat named Henry that has finally been returned to it’s rightful owners.

Now, with all those situations resolved we can proudly announce that Al’s Toddcast will be returning to the Internet with new episodes on Monday, September 28th.

Direct all complaints to the comments section below.

God help us all.

16 Feb

OFTU’s First Anniversary!

Our First Anniversary Show!

Only Funny To Us

11 Feb


Al’s just here so he doesn’t get fined and Todd has interviews from the red carpet at The Grammy’s…seriously.

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Episode 28

3 Feb

Episode 27, Al and Todd get a visit from the guys from the OFTU Podcast.

This week on the Toddcast, Al and Todd get a visit from the OFTU Network Overlords. It’s payback for the guest appearance of Al and Todd on the Only Funny To Us Podcast, Episode 51.

Oh, and Todd is drunk.

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Episode 27

27 Jan

AL calls in from The Great Beyond

We hear from the long lost Al and Todd brings us some amazing live music from The Moon Unit.

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Episode 26

20 Jan

Episode 25, Todd’s Got It.

Todd has a big decision to make and it turns out to be the right one. He introduces a new segment on the show and you simply can’t miss it. 


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Episode 25

12 Jan

Al and Todd are the new normAL.

Al and Todd dig on The Hard Working Americans, Lou Reed, and Al’s live music phobia.

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Episode 24

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