What is a podcast?

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A podcast in its most simple form is a radio program from the Internet. We record a sound file, edit it, add whatever garnish we like, and then copy it to our website. We make them on a regular basis and then we inform different websites that index podcasts all about them. Then, using software on your phone, pc, Mac, iPod, etc, you can subscribe to it. Just like a magazine or a newsletter, when we make a new one, you get it automatically.

There are multiple ways to listen to our podcasts.

The simplest way to listen is right here, on the website.  Just click the play button on the media player that appears below our logo. You can also save the .mp3 audio file by right-clicking and choosing Save As.

If you have an iPhone, iPod, or iPad, you can subscribe to us on iTunes. Just search the Podcast section for the show you want and click the Subscribe button. You can also just listen right from the website in your web browser.

An Android user? Like a pc, or iPhone listener, you can just browse to our website and listen, or you can use Stitcher Radio. It’s a free app available from the Google Play store. and the App Store. Once you install it, you can log in with your Facebook, Google+, or an email account. Stitcher uses this to remember your preferences. Search for Only Funny To Us and you’re ready to listen to all of our current and archived episodes. You can also use Stitcher on your desktop.

Just like Stitcher, you can also listen via Spreaker and Tunein. Both are available at the Google Play store and on the App Store.

If you have an Xbox, click here to learn how to subscribe.

If you have any questions, problems, or suggestions for additional ways to listen, please email us or add a comment below.

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